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Creating an expressive impression to the observer, by capturing a person´s or an object´s uniqueness on a picture, is my passion. To emphasize a person´s soul, reflected by it´s individual charisma, is my inspiration.


Photography beeing my passion, makes it effortless to rise to the challenge of reflecting as much facets of a person or a object as possible, by using the basic elements of understanding, communication and light. But they still remain basic tools. The real challenge and the fascination is to combine them in such a way, to present the true expression of emotions on a picture, which are not neccesarily seen in front of the lens. 


Based on my practical experince due to countless projects and the dynamic expectations, I can assert that the procedure to achieve the perfect picture, is versatile. That is what fascinates me and makes my job exciting.


My determination to the photography was unveiled, during my first workshop conducted by a fotographer for portrait and fashion. From that day on, I´ve dedicated my life to the fashion & beauty category. Providing my service to commercial, as well as, to private clients on a local and international level, makes me a versatile photographer.


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